Bungy Jumping

Nepal has become one of the popular destinations for ‘Bungy Jumping’ owing to the fact that this adventure sport takes place over a river gorge that descends 160m. Taking off from a suspension bridge, which incidentally was built by Ultimate Descents, the company that runs the only Bungy in Nepal. Jumping from160m above the river’s surface is the ultimate thrill one can get. The Bhote Koshi river flows fast and furious way down below, which gives the added sense of adventure to the spectacular jump. By the bridge is Ultimate Descent’s Last Resort where those wanting to prolong the adventure may stay the night. Located 96km (3hours by road) south of Kathmandu, along the Arniko Highway near the Nepal-Tibet border, the Last Resort is ideally placed for a peaceful time enjoying the gifts of nature, far from the city. Each jump is recorded on video which can be bought from Ultimate Descents. A second consecutive jump costs a fraction of the first jump and many go for it.