The Swing

The Canyon Swing at the Last Resort in Nepal is the world's highest giant swing enabling you a total full-on adrenaline filled, gravity defying adventure. On a specially built platform 160m above the spectacular Bhote Kosi River you are secured into a full body harness and attached to two independent ropes which each have a breaking strain of 2.8 tons. Gravity seems like a seductive and cruel mistress as you jump, then pure freefall 100m into the dramatic gorge before the swing lines take up the tension and pendulum you in a massive arc of 240m at 150 km/h.

The whole experience is so smooth that it is hard to tell when you have finished falling and when you begin your swing.

After a number of full swings you come to rest on a recovery rope at the bottom and pull yourself to the recovery platform and relax a while to allow your pulse to get back near normal.