Namsto Lake/ Manigango/ Kham

Eastern Tibet, known as Kham, is a magnificent landscape of immense old growth forests, vast undulating grasslands, deep valleys, alpine lakes and glaciated massifs reaching over 20,000 ft. The Khampa people who inhabit this land are devout Buddhists. For centuries they have circumambulated mountains believed to be sacred manifestations of various Buddhist divinities.


Day 01: Fly Kathmandu/  Lhasa and transfer to hotel.
Days 02-03: In Lhasa: Full sightseeing tour in and around Lhasa in these two days.
Day 04: Lhasa to Bagsum - Tso (3540 m)
Day 05: Bagsum - Tso to Bayi (2990 m)
Day 06: Bayi to Pomi (3000 m)
Day 07: Pomi to pasho (m)
Day 08: Pashu to Markham
Day 09: Markham to Litang (4680m)
Day 10: Litang to Ganzi (3400m)
Day 11: Ganzi to Manigango
Day 12: Explore Around Manigango
Day 13: Manigango to Derge (4000m)
Day 14: Derge to Chamdo (3600m)
Day 15: Chamdo to Tengchen (4200m)
Day 16: Tingchen to Sok D ZONG
Day 17: Sok D Zong to Nagchu (4500m)
Day 18: Nagchu to Namtso Lake (4718m)
Day 19: Namtso Lake to Phondo and Via Reting Monastery (4100m)
Day 20: Rateng to Lhasa
Day 21: Rest
Days 22-23: Sightseeing around Lhasa
Day 24: Fly Lhasa - Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.



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